Philadelphia native, artist and architect.

Finkel is currently based in the United States. He studied architecture at Cornell University and Columbia University for a graduate degree in urban design (2014). Most recently, he worked in Philadelphia for VSBA Inc. as an Executive Assistant to Denise Scott Brown. Finkel's work is focused on environmentally collaborative design as it applies within a wide scope of master-planning to experiments of art and representation.

Co-Founder of the design collective Hither Yon, based in Berlin.

Gallery Representation : Carlotta Testori Studio . Milano, IT
Collaborator at : KWY . Berlin, DE
Member of : Les Ateliers, Urban Planning & Development . Paris, FR

Blogging curious things at : yon hither

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Cornell University, College of Architecture Art & Planning
Bachelor of Architecture 2011

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation
Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design 2014

Drawing Show : No Illusion Kreuzberg Pavillon
Curated by Yujin Lee
Kassel, DE [ August 2012 ] as Hither Yon

Id, Ego, Superego Traffic Konzept + Film
Berlin, DE [ February - May 2012 ] as Hither Yon

FRAME Work Grimmuseum
Curated by Lauren Altman
Berlin, DE [ December 2011 ] as Hither Yon

Oorbi Photographie Galerie Surfacescapes I-III digital photography
Brignais, FR [ May 2011]

The Hither Yon Collective Carlotta Testori Studio
Curated by Carlotta Testori
Milano, IT [ December - January 2012 ] as Hither Yon

Tage des Offenen Ateliers ECC Kreativstadt Weißensee
Superego I installation
Berlin, DE [ November 2011 ] as Hither Yon

The Others : Art Fair Carceri Le Nuove
Represented through Carlotta Testori Studio of Milan, Italy
Turino, IT [ November 2011 ] as Hither Yon

The Spherical Book John Hartell Gallery
Ithaca, NY [ August 2011 ] as Hither Yon

F.A.R. Exhibition Tempo di Adriano, Foreign Architects Rome
Roma, IT [ January 2010 ]

Projects + Awards:

Naya Raipur : Shaping a New Capital City . 2031 master plan proposal.
Selected as part of an international team of 21 design professionals.

Hosted by Les Ateliers (Urban Planning & Development)
Sponsored by Euro-Asian Sustainable Towns Programme (EAST)
Naya Raipur, IND [ November 2012 ]

Hebebrandquartier : Hebebrand Citadel City planning competition
collaboration with KWY and LOMA
Hamburg, DE [ May 2012 ]

Flashlights Workshop 13 Lecture and workshop installation
with arttransponder / berlinerpool, hosted by Stattbad
Berlin, DE [ April 2012 ] as Hither Yon

Node Curatorial Center Panel Discussion on An Adaptable Structure for Connectivity
Moderated by Lauren Altman
Berlin, DE [ November 2011 ] as Hither Yon

The Id of the Grid Kickstarter Project
"Project of the Day" [ 10.11.2011 ]
Berlin, DE [ October 2011 ] as Hither Yon

Harmonic Pavilion A Stage by the Sea : Installation competition [ 3rd Place ]
collaboration with KWY / model and animation
Littlehampton, UK [ June 2012 ]

Kulturpark Project International design and ideas competition
Proposal selected to be realized in Spreepark, Berlin
Berlin, DE [ June 2012 ] as Hither Yon

Robert James Eidlitz Travel Fellowship Cornell University Department of Architecture
[ May 2011 ] as Hither Yon

Robert Venturi + Denise Scott Brown
Executive Assistant
Philadelphia - New York City, US
[ 2012 - 2013 ]

Hither Yon
Co-founder of the design collective . Studios based in Berlin, DE
[ 2011 - present ]

OnionFlats: G.R.A.S.S.
Green Roofs And Solar Systems . Green roof construction and solar system installation
[ June - July 2011 ]

Re:Vision Architecture
Research in sustainable design strategies, LEED certification process
Recycled materials mapping project . Design charrete + workshop development
[ May - August 2009 + '10 ]

m² Architecture
Design, modeling, LEED workshop + process experience
[ May - August 2007 ]